The material and spiritual roots of the woodcarvings from Val Gardena, South Tyrol, Italy are steeped in secular traditions and experiences. Our work is inspired by the knowledge and talent of our craftsmen – sculptors, woodcarvers and painters – and by the custom of our people and their religious imagination. We are bound to our old traditions but at the same time we are also open to new ideas… Our woodcarvings are still mostly produced by hand, taking care of each fine detail. Our subjects come from the religious traditions of the alpine area. The Crucifix, the Nativity-scene as well as patron saints are being sought after more and more by collectors and lovers of fine art. But even the non-religious figures in our collections are becoming increasingly popular as home-decorations for a refined atmosphere. The price of our woodcarvings is based on their value: our customers are aware of this and demonstrate it with their preference for our works.